Piero Pelý Blue Tanis

FIFe Supreme Champion

SC Piero Pelý Blue Tanis*CH

black & white
NFO n 09, born on 08/06/2007
Father: I* IC Lux Felina Maxenthius
Mother: GIC WW05 JW Nirvana Blue Tanis*CH

breeder : Nelly Brosselard

HCM: negative (January 2008)
GSD4: parents negative

Album photo

litter 27, born on 29/07/2008
litter 28, born on 31/07/2008
litter 29, born on 14/10/2008


After Korsaire was neutered this summer 2007, I was not really looking for a new male. But... I just fell in love with Piero!

I always loved Nirvana, and that far before she became WW05 in Biella. So... how could I have been able to resist to her son?...

Piero is a beautiful male, with his mum's super charisma, and lots of type qualities.
From his large paws coming from Neil Young Blue Tanis, to the super triangle of dad Maxenthius, through the wonderful sweet temper of all Blue Tanis' cats... Add to all this, a super coat and perfect profile (thank you mum Nirvana!...) and you have Piero.

Piero should add lots of qualities in type and boning in our breed.

Many many thanks to Nelly, who accepted to let me welcome this sweetheart!
Show reults :
complete results
Skogkatt of the Year 2007 : kitten # 15
Skogkatt of the Year 2008 : adult # 20

adult : 4 Best in Show, 12 Best in Variety, 14 Nominations for Best in Show

kitten : 1 BEST OF BEST , 5 Best in Show, 10 Best in Variety, 10 Nominations for BIS

FIFe Worldshow 2007 : Best in Variety kitten group 2